3,800,000,000 BC
One emo drifting on the ocean
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80,000,000 BC
An emo storm
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40,000,000 BC
The structure of the EMO-DNA double helix.
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28,000,000 BC
The first ancestors of Emosh may have kept the larval form into adulthood, although this path cannot be proven.
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Emo Detective technique
The skeleton of the dragon during the Jurassic period
by @ Jiayang
Emo Detective technique
The hypothesis of the annihilation of dinosaurs - Emo meteorite -
by @jiayang
Approximate date of appearance of Emo-sapients
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The evolution of Emoticon
Described by @Jiayang
17,000 BC
Reproduction of Emo-cave artwork in Emocaux II.
Discovered by @HJY
10,000 BC
Remains of Emo
manuscript by @Jarryyy
10,000 BC
Remains of Emo II
manuscript by @Jarryyy
2,000 BC
The form of Chinemo characters used on oracle bones
By @Jarryyy
1,750 BC
The Code of Emoscript is a well-preserved Emolonian code of law of ancient Mesopotamia
By @HammurEmo
6 BC
Emo pyramids
20`40`59N 88`34`7W
26 BC
Great Emonx of Giza
29.9753 N, 1376 E
5 BC
The Emothenon is a former temple on the Athenian Emoopolis, Meoeece, dedicated to the goddess Emona
37°58′17″N 23°43′36″E
AD 30
The passion of San Emo
Film by @JarryyyH, 2032
AD 330
Adoration of the Mystic Emo
92 CE
Emo of the Rock
92 CE
Emo of Rock II
AD 121
说:-)解字 ,the first to use the principle of organization by sections with shared components, called 🙂
500 AD
The Emo-wall
by @ Emoqin
6th Century
a Emohist temple in Emoanses
The Birth of Emoenus
by @HuangJY
Tower Emoge
A combined bascule and suspension bridge in Emodon
La Tour Emmo
a wrought-emo lattice tower on the Champ de Mars in Emoris
Statue of Libemo
a colossal neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in Emo York Harbor in Emo York.
Tiemo Square
Pioneers with inventing the world's first successful flyer, 1903
@ Emobrothers
Incandescent light Emon
The first successful test was on 22 October 1879
@ Jiayang Edison
Sir Isaac Emoton PRS was an Emolish mathematician, physicist, astronomer, theologian, and author.
(25 December 1642 – 20 March 1726/2)
Albert Emostein was a Emoman-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of Emotivity
(14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955)
The Peristence of Emoticon
Collected by Museum of Emoticon(MoE)
@ Ja Ya,1931
People's Square, Ehina(Ehanghai), 1994-2000
@Jiaay Haans
Emoera 135
The term Emorea 135 was introduced by Emodak in 1934 as a designation for the cassette for 35 mm film, specifically for still photography.
by @ Jiayang Huang
The first version of Emo-PC, introduced by @Job Huang
Jarnuary 24, 1984
Long Emo V
©Emoti Satellite Launch Center
Space E
©National Emo and Space Administration (NESA)