The Experiment

2017 The video particle

Gravitational acceleration

In the classical period, Galileo proved that the length of the ball rolling was proportional to the square of the time. Modern definition, the acceleration of gravity is an object with some acceleration by the gravity of the situation. In my picture, I utilize an original method, like Marey Etienne Jules, a French biologist. He demonstrated the position of a horse’s legs by high-speed continuous photography. Through the properties of exact solidification time, the motion of different states is displayed. What is more, through matrix arrangement, a rigorous and accurate research method is highlighted. However I don’t want to record the specific data about position and time. I prefer to convey a concept that with the developing of technology, human’s cognition has changed all the time.

Marey Etienne Jules ‘s experiment

Free fall

In 1590s Galileo experimented of “two iron ball fall to the ground at the same time” on the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is concluded that the weight of different two iron balls falling at the same time. He overthrew Aristotle’s theory and corrected the lasted more than 1900 years of wrong conclusions. I use wood and clay to build a tall object that symbolizes the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Besides, I apply to the capability of a camera to catch the moment. Without any shadow of the doubt, Galileo has been able to tell the world about the movement of objects by specific experiments, and I hope to express the subject of particles by reconstructing experiments with little artifacts.

Theory of relativity

Magnetic field

This invisible and untouchable material 
is not composed of atoms or molecules.
It is an objective existence
with wave-particle radiation characteristics.
Current, charge, magnets.

Multiple-prism dispersion theory

Mechanical equivalent of heat

Double-slit experiment

In the exhibition of the academy, I utilize the technology of AR(Augmented Reality) to express the connection between visual presentation and photography. Through the camera to identify the photographic images on the wall, through Unity3D and Vuforia platform operation, the projector outputs the projection, showing the virtual model of the real scene and virtual digital construction. Try to use some of the current favorite techniques to explore some possibilities.