This story takes place in a virtual surreal parallel world, using emoticons as a protagonist, telling their stories about the traceback of history and their future destiny. The origin of emoticon goes back to the pre-human age. Animals transmitted signals to each other through sound and voices. In the classical human period, Use various symbols and languages as specific forms of communication. Until the information age, everything can be connected and communicated, and the name emoticon; In the post-information era, various Xmojis were born. These more vivid and larger-capacity forms gradually replaced the functions of the emoticon, so what is waiting for emoticons in the future?
Communication as the animal sound signal.
Human civilization
Communication is the sign(symbol, icon, index)
Information Age
The Internet, as a communication platform, connects everything.
The emoticon is the invention of the mixture of human symbol and the Internet.
Emoticon became the author of a history
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Until one day they were replaced by Xmojis